Price Action Trading vs Auto Bots

If "Magical" Indicators and Auto-Bots Really Work...
Why Are So Many Traders Crashing Their Accounts?

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Spotting Breakouts. What's REAL? What's Fake?

A fake breakout is often called a "Fake Out" or even a Whipsaw. In forex trading - in fact any kind of trading - you do NOT want to be caught in whipsaw action! So how can you avoid a fake out?

When you're trading on price action alone, one of the best ways to avoid a fake out is to wait for a retest of the breakout area. So, instead of entering your trading on the first moment of breakout, you wait for the price to:
  1. travel in the direction of the breakout
  2. reverse (or pull back) in the opposite direction and then
  3. bounce off the support/resistance area and continue in the direction of the original breakout.
The best time to enter then is once the continuation has been confirmed. Obviously, if the reversing price does not bounce and continues to move back through the support/resistance area, then you will have witnessed a fake breakout.